A few steps from the VGM- Apartments there is the historic center of the city: Old Bari. Getting lost walking around Bari Vecchia is certainly the best way to let yourself be captivated by the charm of the city, to be conquered by the authenticity of tradition and to discover its history step by step. The true essence of the city can be seen going into the streets of orecchiette the most beautiful views and the most authentic scenery. Right among these streets, in the famous orecchiette street, you can live a unique experience preparing the typical Bari pasta together with the ladies of the ancient village. What are you waiting for? Go to our services and book the Pasta tour, it's worth a try.

Among other things to see in the old town, there is the Norman Swabian Castle, symbol of Puglia. Built in 1131, in medieval times, by Ruggiero the Norman, from which it takes its name. It was completely destroyed in 1156 and rebuilt in 1223 according to the will of Frederick II of Swabia. Today it is used as a museum. From the dungeons of the castle it is possible to take a night guided path, to discover the archaeological subsoil of Bari. Underground Bari crosses the entire old city under the ground to experience the rich history and its deepest roots. Continuing the discovery of the old city, you can not miss the visit to the enormous Basilica of San Nicola, one of the most significant examples of Apulian Romanesque. Built in 1089 to guard the remains of the patron saint from whom it takes its name, whose remains still rest in the crypt today. Today a pilgrimage destination for Catholic and Russian Orthodox faithful.

Another stop to include are the three main theaters of the city: The Margherita Theatre, historical theater of the city of Bari built on the sea, now converted into a museum of contemporary art. The Piccinni Theatre, another historical theater located in front of the Government Building which, for almost twenty years, was the most important in the capital. The Petruzzelli Theatre, the largest theater in the city, as well as the fourth largest in Italy. Finally, you can not miss a visit to the beaches, where you can relax while sipping a good drink, or, for the more adventurous, do some surfing or sup. If you are interested in water sports, visit our services, and book your lesson with the TanaOnda surf school.